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You too can tell Obama what you think about his takeover of your healthcare. I did. Here’s my comment:


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6 thoughts on “Confront The Official Obamacare Site

  1. drugsandotherthings March 25, 2012 / 6:38 PM

    I’m not a fan of Obamacare, but I also think his compromises with republicans made it worse- and not better.

    My wife is a doc- family medicine with specialties in geriatric and cancer care. And it’s pretty clear our current system is broken. And that the US has the worst basic healthcare of any industrialized nation.

    While most, if not all, countries with government run medicine have more then their fair share of problems- it tends to be an odd trade off- good basic care for all- but the most expensive, specialized care lacking- which is why so many rich canadians, asians, middle easterns, europeans…, who can afford to pay- come to the US.

    But oddly enough- Cuba has one of the best- if not the best, medical system in the world. Do some research it- it is truly amazing. (wasn’t it Venezualas Chavez, also with government backed medicine who has been going to Cuba for his cancer?)

    In the past decade I have had several friends, with insurance, bankrupted by medical bills. And I myself went through the nightmare of being trapped in a job for years due to a condition that once found- would bar me from ever being able to get insurance again.

    So- if we are not going to have a government backed healthcare system- at least reign in the abuses that allow millions of americans to be screwed- often through no fault of their own.

    • Talon's Point March 25, 2012 / 7:57 PM

      To argue that the system as some do (not you) and a misnomer as it is not a system, is broken is to ignore health care world wide. By comparison we are the envy of the world despite problems. Those problems (costs) are often a result of the ever encroaching federal government prior to Obamacare that reduced competition thus promoting higher prices. Ask yourself why the feds were concerned with ATT Mobile merging with T-Mobile? They said outright they were concerned the reduced competition would be bad for consumers yet they want to control healthcare? Utter logic disconnect.

      Your contentions about socialized medicine elsewhere is hogwash. Especially with regard to Cuba. People flee from that hell hole for a reason and heathcare is NOT good despite Michael Smore’s contention. Europe is starting to come to grips with this reality. I used to work with both Europeans and Canadians and heard the good and bad, mostly bad. They are amazed how easy it is to schedule non emergency services here and often avail themselves of our “system” (which we have established is not a system, until and unless Obamacare makes it a system.)

      Letting Government create a system to reign in cost is like asking addicts to create and operate a treatment program. Government wastes. It is what they are singularly good at.

      As far as medical bankruptcies I have two hard but truthful words: That’s Life. Life is not easy. Most people who suffer from medical bankruptcies did not carry sufficient insurance when capable or did not invest properly to cover emergencies, again when capable. Often the very people who whine about the issue do so while texting from their 4g iphone while drinking a starbucks latte, or some similar accurate stereotype. Are there legitimate cases of suffering? YOU BET!!! But that does not give one the right to wrest liberty from another. Sometimes we must just accept that we are mortal beings on our way to meeting our maker.

      If you want to reign in cost ( and I’m arm in arm with you on this) then there are three primary actions to do so:

      1) Lift the restrictions on shopping outside of state for insurance. The flood of cross state competition would have a drastic affect.
      2) Get government OUT of providing care by creating medical savings accts and leaving people to negotiate their services.
      3) Tort reform. When a doctor, hospital, or drug / medical device company does something illegal by all means they must be nailed to the wall. Sadly, deep pocket syndrome rules the day and doctors, hospital, etc are often allowed to be sued simply because someone has suffered from unintentional events.

      Hope you can see we do have SOME common ground. However, I have history behind me that competition is what always reduces the price of a product or service.

      • drugsandotherthings March 25, 2012 / 8:42 PM

        Actually, I will disagree on a few points, and agree on others.

        For those that can AFFORD to pay- yes- our system is better. But obviously for the nearly 50 million americans with no health insurance this is not the case. Basic healthcare IS better- if for no other reason then it exists, in much of the rest of the world. Intensive/complex surgeries- if you can afford them or are lucky enough to have insurance that will cover them, the US is among the best in the world.

        And the ATT/T-mobile mergerer is a disingenuous comparison. Shall we discuss the rates paid for services under medicare vs private insurance? Under Romneycare in MA? Or shall we discuss what a corporation- buying service for thousands pays ATT vs what an indivudual pays?

        And I was not defending the Cuban system as a whole- but please familiarize yourself with their medical system- it is arguably some of the best care in the world- one of the only things they got right. (My wife is a doctor- cancer being a speciality- and quite a few of the top doctors in her field go to Cuba to learn new methods/techniques/treatments)

        I would pretty much agree with your list of reforms- though tort is a tricky one. We ARE a sue happy nation. And everyone makes mistakes- And doctors are usually vastly overworked which increases them. But I would argue tort reform has in many cases shielded those that should be punished. And quite honestly- I don’t know how to create a fair middle ground that isn’t abused by one side or the other.

        I would add to the reforms that there needs to be protection for those that become uninsurable due to “pre-existing conditions” .

        And likewise protections against being cancelled, or having treatments denied. Such decisions should be in the hands of doctors- not accountants. And if that drives up the cost of insurance- or reduces executive salaries- so be it- something to be discussed. But too many people pay into a system for years- being told they are getting “x”…but when they actually need “X” what they get is “y”…where “y”=screwed.

      • Talon's Point March 26, 2012 / 7:30 PM

        ATT merger is perfectly analogous. Romneycare did not lower costs.

        Hogwash on the Cuban crap. No one goes there for medical care and spare me the travel restriction crap ahead of time.

        Pre-existing is a reality. I spoke to a woman today who has a condition and husband may lose insurance yet she hate Obamacare because she recognizes that she does not have the right to demand someone else pay for her care. Welcome to life, it’s rough, and sometimes it ends sooner than would be the case with better care. That still does not give one the right to take from another.

        Drop the class envy crap or move on please. I do agree that once covered a condition should not be allowed to excuse dropping. At that point the carrier should be on the hook as long as the Republican suggested concept of portability long rejected by the left be enacted. However, injecting executive profits is nothing more than emotional games that aren’t going to be played here.

        Finally Obamacare is the ultimate injection of decision makers between you and your doctor for God’s sake. Once the government is responsible for the bill they are forced to control the cost and the bean counting Death Panels follow by logical sequence, as they have in other countries.

  2. drugsandotherthings March 25, 2012 / 6:11 PM

    Oh- just to be clear. You DO realize “” is a right wing propaganda machine? It has been registered back to 1998 but never with an active site- but has been used as a tool in a number of right wing campaingns?

    • Talon's Point March 25, 2012 / 6:19 PM

      Actually I assumed it was conservative. “Right wing propaganda” is by definition propaganda considering all they have done is linked to the left wing communist site and nothing more, lol

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