Obama preparing to trot out CINOs to sell Obamacare abortion cost mandates to Catholics

Catholics In Name Only, along with their Protestant counterparts, are being forced to come to terms with the reality that their lack of true faithfulness to the faith they claim has been at the root of the abortion of 50 plus million humans in America.

The following is an article from someone who is either one of those CINOs or recognizes and seeks to play on the lack of true faith of such so called “believers.”

Can O’Malley Bring Obama Luck of the Irish?

Jamie Stiehm

Jamie Stiehm

Baltimore’s leading Irish rock band plays a St. Patrick’s Day gig Saturday, and Washington would be wise to tune in. The band, O’Malley’s March, goes on the road to the White House Tuesday.

The blue-eyed singer clad in black fronting the band is better-known for his day jobs: Once mayor of Baltimore, he’s now governor of Maryland. Martin O’Malley, 49, brings a passionate intensity (to borrow from poet W.B. Yeats) to writing songs and speeches. As a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, I witnessed O’Malley’s rise as an ambitious young mayor.

Head of the Democratic Governors Association, O’Malley is gaining exposure on the Sunday talk shows. As an Irish Catholic defender of President Obama’s health care reform and free birth control coverage, he’s a valuable surrogate, taking on the American Catholic bishops on a sticky subject.

O’Malley told me he’s discussed party “messaging” with President Obama on job creation and education — unifying talking points for governors to take back to battleground states.

“He’s been very cordial,” O’Malley said of Obama. “I appreciate his willingness to meet and coordinate. I look forward to working more with him.” On the national outlook, he said, “Things are getting better all the time, with the urgency of now.”

Perhaps he’d be even more useful in Obama’s re-election campaign if Joe Biden, the genial vice president, steps down from the 2012 national ticket. Biden would be over 70 if he gets sworn in for a second term. He’s done a fine job, but his elder statesman status isn’t as much of an asset now that Obama, 50, has weathered storms in office. Biden’s mistakes stem from over-sharing.

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