Obama Scoop!!

Hot news from the Grumpy Elder!

Yesterday I posted a blog about Obama’s favorite law professor, Derek Bell and Barack Obama’s connections to various questionable organizations and individuals..

In Brietbart has only scratched the surface- it’s bad I mentioned Obama’s connections-direct and indirect to the Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, the Black Panthers and to former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Zohrn.

I just dropped by to see Tom Tillison over the Florida Political Press. Tom has a piece posted about a visit Barack Obama is going to make to Seminole College here in Florida on March 15, that happens to be a Thursday. Here’s part of what Tom had to say.


60’s Radical Tom Hayden Visits Central Florida Campus This Week

60’s anti-war radical Tom Hayden will be in Central Florida later this week as part of the Seminole State College ‘Living History’ series.  He will present ‘President Obama and Lessons of the Sixties‘ at Seminole State College on Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m.

Tom Hayden is the founder of the leading radical organization of its day, Students for a Democratic Society.

According to the FBI, what began as a movement to involve students in the democratic processes had become by 1969 “an organization totally dedicated to the destruction of American society… In the span of seven years, the SDS had evolved………………….. Read rest of story


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