Wisdom from the Web – March 12 2012

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Love the following comment from reader:


Mr. Mitchell has described America’s decline in a few paragraphs.
Virtually every single European nation has travelled this road. And travelled it more or less independently, before the more recent era of the EU and its uniform mandates. So why would anyone think that Americans will escape that fate? The DNA of the American voter is the same as everyone else’s. It only takes a little bit of time for the vicious cycle to do its work – a little bit more time due to the unprecedented infusion of liberty endowed on this country at its creation – an unprecedented and unrepeatable historical coincidence where a few developed settlers discover a new continent and happened to seed it with the aberrant individual freedom ideas held by a small minority in late 18th century England. But that endowment and historical fortune is now all but used up, the margin of advantage that Americans hold over other nations is now very thin, and three billion emerging world competitors have little time or desire to wait and find out how America’s experiment with statism/socialism will turn out. Americans will lose their top prosperity, especially since most — even opponents of ObamaCare and other “care” packages to come — have no clue what is happening and what the fundamental forces of decline are.

Historical momentum can only carry you so far dear Americans. Rational understanding as to what had set you apart from the rest of the world is necessary to maintain it. And that rational thought does not exist — even amongst opponents of America’s Europeanization. Vague references to traditions and star spangled banners are simply grossly insufficient in preventing you from converging towards the worldwide average. You are now set on a below world average growth trendline: i.e. DECLINE.

WFTW is a feature focused on wise or witty comments posted on blogs / videos rather than focusing on the source themselves. In most cases the source is also worthy of attention, as is always the case with Dan Mitchell’s articles.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom from the Web – March 12 2012

  1. PARTNERING WITH EAGLES March 14, 2012 / 6:13 AM

    U.S. isn’t mentioned in Prophecy. You can’t nhave a free country, and a one world government. The NDAA will – if it becomes law- make us a defacto police state. There goes the ball game!

    • Talon's Point March 14, 2012 / 6:41 AM

      Two points: 1) there are those who read bible prophesy in different ways though I’m not necessarily disagreeing, 2) should we concede ground willingly or resist on principle for the sake of posterity not knowing the time of the end?

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