$5 million dollar lobster “tale” Government Gone Wild Edition March 10th 2012

I was watching John Stossel’s report “Illegal Everything” this evening and he brought up this case. In his interview by Stossel, Mr. Schoenwetter said he had heard reports that the federal government spent 5 million dollars prosecuting him. As you watch the video (start at the 5:00 mark) and the read the short article that follows it should be noted that Mr. Schoenwetter says he never had more than a driving ticket before this unintended violation of an obscure Honduran rule that the Honduras government even testified he was not guilty of violating. Did it matter? Well of course not.

Marxi land Castle at night

After all, why would the Honduran government’s opinion matter if the U.S. federal government is determined to punish an American for a non existent violation of said Honduran rule?…Makes sense in MarxiLand.

Also as reported in the Examiner.com, October 2010

Imagine this, you are a seafood broker, you buy lobster tail from someone you have been doing long term business with. The next thing you know you are arrested and facing a federal crime. That is the story of one local Miami man.

  Abner Schoenwetter was convicted on conspiring to purchase lobster tails which federal prosecutors said violated Honduran harvest regulations. The federal prosecutors said the lobster tails he purchased fell under the Federal Lacey Act which made it a crime for him to purchase seafood that violated foreign laws.
  Keep in mind Schoenwetter was only buying the seafood from a company who he has been dealing with for years. He (along with other purchasers) were arrested and had all these charges thrown at them. Even though the Honduran Attorney General and others sided with Schoenwetter and testified in his defense, he was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Toss in your "two cents" if you care to. Fair warning, you might get change ;-)

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