Soros group wants to control your very food supply

Thanks to loopyloo305 and her MY BLOG post “Eating your fair share” for a story that linked to this article. Chilling stuff when one considers the investor.

This from

AWB snares Soros-backed Gavilon for grains deal

AWB has signed up Gavilon, the Soros-backed commodities giant, as a partner for its flagging Australian grains business, six months after a deal between the two groups was first rumoured.

US-based Gavilon has agreed outline terms over paying book value, plus an unspecified premium, for AWB’s domestic commodity management business, with a final deal expected by June.

AWB in September revealed it was in “preliminary talks” with an unnamed investor, which was rumoured to be Gavilon, over a tie-up at its domestic grains business.

However, reports in December said that Gavilon – the energy, fertilizer and farm commodities group, whose shareholders include George Soros’s Soros Fund Management – had walked away from a deal because of a disagreement over price.

Growing competition 

The deal, which will also see Gavilon buy AWB’s Geneva-based business, comes amid a shake-up of Australia’s grain trading sector after AWB lost its monopoly over wheat exports two years ago.

Deregulation has prompted the likes of America’s Cargill, Singapore-based Olam and Germany’s Toepfer to muscle in on the country, with Canada’s Viterra last year acquiring Australian merchant ABB Grain.

Read rest of story here.


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