Wisdom from the Web – March 6th 2012

While I do not expect to use comments from my own blog too often, simply because my goal is to offer excellent thoughts from sources that you might not otherwise have seen, I learned quickly that I won’t be able to do this piece justice without tapping the wisdom of those who have taken the time to share their wisdom with me (and you.) Ed watts corrected my flawed plan with this gem a couple days ago;

Ed Watts on March 4, 2012 at 12:57 PM said:

Has there ever been a government program that even came close to costing what people were told that it would? Has there ever been, in America or anywhere else, a government “entitlement” program that did not produce a rush toward mediocrity and failure? In America’s national parks there are signs everywhere warning people that they should not feed the animals. The reason for this is that the animals quickly become dependent upon the handouts and lose the will and the ability to provide for themselves. The same government, however, encourages its citizens to partake of handouts, and this behavior leads to the same dependence and decline in their will and ability to provide for their needs and wants.

We are, indeed, engaged in a race to the bottom. “All men are created equal…” is true, but they immediately begin to diverge. The only way to keep all citizens equal is to hold back the ones who would otherwise succeed in order to keep their state equal to that of those who can’t or won’t excel. This is the modern European method, and our “leaders” have not been reticent in telling us that the European model is the one they are attempting/going to emulate. Our congress and pseudopresident have even told us that “0bamacare” will make our health care (Note that this term is comprised of two words) system like the ones in European nations. Even our judges, who, each and all, have taken an oath to support and defend The Constitution — and, implicitly, no other document or system of law — have freely admitted that they have used precedents and philosophies from other nations in coming to decisions.

The Europeans themselves are now admitting that their systems, from health care to accommodating ridiculous union demands to lax immigration policies to multiculturalism to Political Correctness, have failed. The trouble, for them and for us, is that it is very difficult to turn a slothful, dependent people back to a system in which hard work and thrift are rewarded while allowing the lazy and profligate to be sufficiently uncomfortable that they reassess their ways. “0bamacare” is just another fabulously expensive program that will encourage shortsightedness and stupidity.


Toss in your "two cents" if you care to. Fair warning, you might get change ;-)

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