Wisdom from the Web – March 2nd 2012

The following is a comment posted in the discussion board on the PJTV article: Andrew Breitbart Ignored the Pain  article author J. Christian Adams

The following comment is from a person under the monicker ‘The Root 83’ as follows:

“The Left is indeed guided by demons and wicked hearts. But they are also, individually, incredibly weak specimens of humanity. That is why they flood the institutions, so that the institutions will administer their wickedness, in the thoughtless drone of Impenetrable Bureaucracy.

Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

They have no taste for fight in themselves, they have others do it for them. Thats is why they hated Andrew, and why they hate us…Because at some point, they know Patriots like us WILL go to war. Fearlessly. Individually. Ourselves, not our minions. And no, we will not “fight” in the juvenile forms of vandalism they prefer… ….smashing windows and pooping on police cars, in front of their MSM allies to gain further concession and influence of institutions they seek to control…No, we are willing to die in war. We are the veterans, and the current soldiers, not them. We’ve seen it before…Real Wars…With lives lost, in real stands, against tyrannies, past and present.

That’s who we are as Americans. Our DNA goes straight back to that first skirmish line…the commoners, the average…standing, and fighting. Anyone, from any corner of the globe, can come here and be part of that family as a full blood-relative. The genetics of freedom know no race. That is our collective ancestry, while the ancestors of the Left were the Royal Governors. Fat and putrid elitist without a stain of sweat, sending mercenaries to subdue the honest. Today, they are intent on divides the races, the classes, the “cultures” into squabbling camps, to either do their bidding or be distracted by the noise, while they eat away at our fortunes and freedom.

Andrew called them out on it. He was one of the most dangerous men in America, because he wasn’t AFRAID. And that’s why they hate him, and us, with such passion. The cowards that hurl names, categories, titles and slogans, to box us in with gossip and innuendo….they the fearful. Fearful of their status, their connections, and the all important opinion of their social(ist), social climbing peers.

Andrew was not afraid of them. And the example of his courage, coupled of course with his magnificent business and media skills, brought forth the bravery of so many others who felt lost and overwhelmed.

The Left is indeed guided by demons and wicked hearts.
And Andrew was the wooden stake they feared.”


“Bravo Root 83” – Talon


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